Breaking news from Pi Core Team: Pi’s Open Network Plan in 2024

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 As of this point, Pi network has come a long way, not too short or too long. But this project has left a hope and happiness for all Pi oneer. Once again, we must thank the Pi core team for creating a wonderful project.

In the end, what should happen will happen. Are you wondering about any news? We will don’t let you wait any longer.

Today, December 27, Pi coreteam has an official announcement on social media Facebook, Twitter as well as the website about Pi network mainnet information.

How true is this information, please join me to summarize it.

On the official Pi network Facebook page, there was a post 4 hours ago with the content: “We are excited to announce that we plan to move to the Open Network phase of Mainnet in 2024, IF three specific conditions are met. What are these three conditions and what does the community need to do to meet them?”

Including a link to the article. Here I will summarize the post:

We are delighted to announce our intention to transition to the Mainnet’s Open Network era in 2024, subject to meeting the following three conditions! No specific date has been set. These essential conditions depend on the collective efforts of Pioneers, community developers, and the Core Team, alongside uncontrollable external factors.

Such conditions are based on Pi Network’s long-term goals and strategies, while also considering the feasibility of the achievements they aim to reach in 2024.

Conditions for Open Network in 2024

Condition 1: Complete all preparations for the Open Network in terms of technology, product, business, and legal aspects, following Pi Network’s consistent strategies.

Most technical and product milestones of such preparations are listed in various projects within Roadmap V2, released today, excluding work in the business and legal domains. Roadmap V2 also omits some technical and product milestones for security reasons or due to their association with upcoming confidential projects. The released Roadmap V2 will be supplemented and refined later, with the status of key milestones (i.e., whether they are in History, In Progress, or in the Future Roadmap) continuously updated throughout the year. The Core Team is primarily responsible for achieving this condition, and at present, we are on track to fulfill Condition 1.

Condition 2: Achieve the following goals in the KYC network, movement, and utility creation.

This condition aligns with the goals of the Network outlined in the December 2021 Whitepaper Update, such as reaching a significant number of KYC-verified Pioneers on the Mainnet blockchain and having diverse utility of the Pi cryptocurrency in the Pi ecosystem. These goals are crucial for the success of the Open Network and align with Pi’s vision of building a decentralized ecosystem and the world’s most comprehensive online experience, driven by Pi. The targeted milestones below help define the specific meaning of these associated Network goals (as requested by our community), while also assessing the feasibility for the community to achieve them in 2024.

Specific Goals to Meet the Open Network Conditions:

KYC and Movement:

  • 15 million Pioneers have successfully completed KYC, including full and expected KYC.
  • 10 million Pioneers have migrated to the Mainnet.


  • 100 actual Pi applications that are either on the Mainnet or ready for the Mainnet launch.
  • These applications adhere to Pi platform policies, address real needs, provide utility to the Pi ecosystem, and are distinct (not mere unmodified copies of demo applications or other Pi apps).

For reference, current data indicates 8 million Pioneers have completed KYC, including full and expected KYC, 3.9 million have migrated, and around 40 Pi applications are preliminarily considered to meet the stated standards. However, many other Pi applications on Testnet or meeting a subset of the above standards can be improved to qualify during the year.

This status will primarily be driven by the decentralized efforts of the community with the support of the Core Team. While the Core Team will continue to provide technical and product support, meeting KYC and movement goals will require community mobilization through decentralized efforts to onboard more Pioneers, encourage re-engagement, application, verification, and KYC completion to move to the Mainnet. Utility goals rely on community developers to build and launch Pi applications under Pi policies with the technical, product, design, program, and advisory support of the Core Team.

Condition 3: No Adverse External Environment to Impede Open Network Success:

In summary, global events impacting currencies also affect Pi. While we cannot control global events, we control our launch and will not jeopardize the hard work and dedication of the community with a risky move to the Open Network.

The timing of the Open Network will need to align with global factors beyond the control of the Core Team or the Pioneer community. These factors include macroeconomic crises, unfavorable legal developments or regulations, industry uncertainty, pandemics, wars, or any unforeseeable, uncontrollable, and unpredictable external factors deemed inappropriate for the Open Network launch.

These three conditions will help determine the timeline for the Open Network. We hope that the network can achieve them in 2024, with our collective efforts and no adverse uncontrollable external factors. If these conditions are not met, the Open Network may be postponed to ensure a more successful transition for all Pioneers. In general, the decision on the launch of the Open Network and its timing will be made to best serve Pi’s vision, the community, and the network.

We are aware that this announcement will be received with enthusiasm and excitement within the Pi community, and we hope that every Pioneer will take it upon themselves to contribute towards achieving the goals mentioned.

We wish all Pioneers an enjoyable year-end holiday and encourage you to use this information to truly connect with Pi and our community as we look forward to the Open Network in 2024!


Is there a guarantee that the Open Network will happen in 2024? No, there is no such guarantee. However, this announcement shares the actual plan and process that the Core Team has set for the Open Network transition. It also clarifies specific conditions and milestones for us to achieve the Open Network, as well as who and what motivates these conditions and milestones. Clear responsibility allocation will guide effective implementation. As explained above, it depends on the collective effort of the Core Team, community developers, and Pioneers to drive us forward. Even if the Core Team and Pioneers meet two of the conditions, uncontrollable and unpredictable environmental factors (i.e., the third condition) may still require the network to remain in the associated phase and continue to adapt to the new global reality.

How can the Pioneer community contribute to our progress towards the Open Network? The transition of the Open Network in 2024 depends on YOU, especially for the goals listed in Condition 2. Pioneer contributions are crucial for both Utility and KYC/Mainnet Movement goals. For KYC, you can firstly (1) complete your KYC application and Mainnet checklist, (2) verify available KYC applications after passing KYC, and (3) invite Security Circle connections, Introducers, as well as colleagues, friends, and family who have completed their KYC applications and Mainnet checklist.

If you are a developer, (1) you can build Pi Apps for this community of tens of millions of Pioneers with various potential use cases without needing any prior blockchain experience. If you are not a developer, (2) you can invite developers from your personal and professional network to create Pi Apps through our Developer Ambassador program and receive a reward of 1000 Pi. Utilities are not only created but also utilized. Therefore, whether you are a developer or not, (3) you can support network utility goals by (a) using Pi Apps on the Pi Browser, (b) sharing Pi App content with the world through PiNet, and even (c) using your Pi in your local businesses.

Why can KYC and Movement goals be achieved and largely depend on the community? The key underlying fact is that almost all Pioneers are eligible to register for KYC, and the majority of all registrations can pass KYC in a short period. Therefore, with a growing community of over 47 million members, the goals of 15 million KYC passed and 10 million migrants can be achieved. While the Core Team’s support for Condition 2 will continue to focus on resolving stuck corner cases in the KYC process, we must acknowledge a network-level reality that the long tail of corner cases will not be the biggest motivator in achieving the KYC and Movement goal numbers. These KYC and Mainnet Movement milestones in Condition 2 will largely depend on the community’s self-mobilization through decentralized efforts to attract more Pioneers to join, register, verify, and pass the KYC process, as well as complete the Mainnet checklist for movement.

Purpose of KYC and Why Some Accounts Are Delayed: As announced in the December 2021 Whitepaper and several KYC notifications (such as 1, 2, 3), the purpose of KYC is to ensure the integrity of the network by preventing fake accounts, policy violators, and bad actors while allowing honest miner accounts to pass and comply with anti-money laundering regulations by preventing penalized accounts from passing.

When deciding on such accounts, additional monitoring and checks will be conducted for a few applications, ensuring the processing time is extended to ensure the fairest and most accurate results possible. Accounts that need additional checks are not necessarily fake, policy violators, or bad actors, and identifying such accounts may be more challenging than usual, thus requiring extra time. Resolving corner cases in the KYC application to allow honest miners to pass and move will be a primary focus of the Core Team in 2024. This will involve providing information and next steps for stuck applications, as well as notifying applicants of any rejections.

Which Pi Apps are not considered “real” apps for the utility goals in Condition 2? Apps that are mere copies or adaptations of other Pi apps without meaningful differences, violate Pi policies, do not intend to attract users genuinely, or do not provide utility to the Pi ecosystem will not be counted towards the goal of 100 genuine Pi Apps. The criteria for considering an app as a genuine Pi App will be further adjusted throughout the year.

What is the Open Network? On December 28, 2021, Pi Network launched its Mainnet blockchain in a closed state, meaning the Mainnet is operational but has a firewall preventing any unwanted external connections. Transitioning to the Open Network means the firewall will be removed, allowing all external connections, such as with other networks, wallets, and anyone wanting to connect to the Pi Mainnet blockchain. API calls will no longer be firewall restricted, and Pioneers will be able to run their own API services and Pi Mainnet nodes. Read the December 2021 Whitepaper’s Update Roadmap for more information.

How can we track progress towards the Open Network goal in 2024? In 2024, the Core Team will continually provide updates on the network’s progress according to Conditions 1 and 2 through the Roadmap and/or notifications. This way, both Pioneers and the Core Team can check our overall progress, identify areas where there are gaps, and focus efforts accordingly to achieve the common goal of transitioning to the Open Network in 2024.

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