Build a luxury villa in ID

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Build a luxury villa in ID

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1. What is a modern style villa?

Modern style villa has a simple architecture in terms of spatial layout, free and asymmetrical premises with strong lines. Besides, with the architecture leaning towards the classical school was completely eliminated. Modern villas use materials such as concrete steel, glass panels towards environmental friendliness.

Currently, the trend of modern architecture is favored by many people. In addition to bright colors combined with liberal and dynamic design. The interior is scientifically designed, bringing absolute comfort to the user. 

2. Modern villa design according to the number of beautiful and luxurious floors

Are you looking for beautiful modern villa designs according to each design space? Take a look at the beautiful villas by the number of floors below.

2.1. Modern 3-storey villa house design

The modern 3-storey design is a trend favored by many Vietnamese people today. The advantage of this type of design is that the space will be extremely airy, bringing a lot of sense of serenity and lightness. In addition, the optimal design in terms of function brings convenient, modern and convenient 3-storey villas for users. See more modern 3-storey villa designs below.    


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