Get a package to build a house

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Get a package to build a house

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Ladies and gentlemen, the villa of Uncle Chien’s family is one of the modern villa projects that many investors choose to build. Not only owns the exterior that attracts all eyes, but the functional part of the house is also arranged scientifically.

With a moderate total area of ​​​​the family’s land and the desire to have more green living space, the architects of Apollo Viet used a part of the land for the construction of a modern 3-storey villa model.

For the remaining area, the family of Uncle Hanh agreed with the architect to design a small garden system around, to create a green living space for the family. The exterior space of the beautiful 3-storey house attracts all eyes and is extremely prominent by the youthful modern architecture, the combination of colors, miniatures, gardens, and high-class modern materials. 


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