Gomgom Korean pork belly for bossam (refrigerated)

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Gomgom Korean pork belly for bossam (refrigerated)

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Raised in Nam Dinh. This place is gradually being known for its herbal pig farms with a scale of several tens to thousands of pigs. To get a herbal pig released from the barn, it must go through a very sophisticated worm rearing, then the earthworms are crushed, cooked and mixed with beer residue, corn bran, wild vegetables, herbal plants, etc. … at the rate of 10-15% of earthworms, the rest is bran for pig feed. 

Thus, after 6 months of breeding under strict supervision to ensure 3 standards:

  • Physics: no ingredients are mixed in meat
  • Chemistry: no chemical residues
  • Biological: no parasites, harmful bacteria

Simultaneously combined with the breed “father” Duroc and the pig “mother” Landrace to create a standard cinnamon pig with clear origin.

Cinnamon pork is a type of meat raised by earthworms with a very large amount of protein, up to 70% of the body weight, in addition, worms also contain enough 12 amino acids to supplement nutrition for livestock. Therefore, in terms of freshness, organic cinnamon pork has a delicious taste, firm, aromatic meat, more than any other meat, high nutritional content, rich in protein and trace elements.


Herbal pork belly is the belly meat of a herbal pig, consisting of layers of meat and fat, which are alternately arranged in several layers. Herbal bacon is the most popular and popular type, so it is also easy to process bacon into many dishes such as fried, boiled, crispy, braised…


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