Korean Style Men’s Short Sleeve T-shirt Size M-5XL

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Korean Style Men’s Short Sleeve T-shirt Size M-5XL

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The bottom size of the store is wide, and the top is thin and wide. If you are not sure what size you wear, you can exchange and give us your height and weight, we will give you professional advice. 2. All products are shipped from mainland.

After we send out the goods, the goods will not be shown to be shipped immediately because the logistics will not show up until the staff arrives at the international hub to complete the registration and delivery, please Please wait patiently ~~ 3.

All jeans are brand new made in Mainland China, please feel free to use them if you find that the buttonholes have not been cut. It is not an incomplete defective product, but to ensure the highest level of product integrity ~ ~ Note: jeans in Mainland China are not buttoned at the waist, it is is a new product. 4.

Stores do check products before shipping, but sometimes there will be errors. For example, if there are problems such as missing delivery, quality problems, etc. after receiving the goods, please contact us first to solve it for you, we are sincere and responsible. responsibility ~~ 5.


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