Long Sleeve Zipper Hoodie Jacket + Korean

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Long Sleeve Zipper Hoodie Jacket + Korean

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Estimated delivery time for this product is 7-9 days #Alonso [In stock] Shipped from Guangzhou, Mainland China, product sent from abroad, please be careful about the time, do not receive urgent order, the package needs to be sent from Guangzhou to Shenzhen for customs clearance, then to Hong Kong to fly to Taiwan and then to the store.

Long journey, please allow enough time to receive the package, the shipping information will only be updated when the package arrives in Hong Kong, after the package has been shipped out of Shenzhen, please note that, when the package has been shipped Once sent, the product cannot be returned, if you do not want to receive it or want to cancel your order, we will directly lose the product.

The pressure is great. mask The payment completion time mentioned in the order is not the delivery time.

Please refer to the message you received for the delivery time. Remember to use the message as the standard. Seller: Product Origin: Guangzhou, Mainland China Dress Size: Dress Length 80 Bust 60 Shoulder Width 30 Sleeve Length 56 (Great Elasticity) Jacket: Length 47, Sleeve Shirt 58, Bust 95, Shoulder 52 About the size, please see the size chart shown on the right of the color size selection, click to check Due to different measurement methods, the size error is 1 -4cm is normal.


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