Pi shopping: Successfully exchanged Pi for a car GCV = 314159USD In China

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Exchanging a car with Pi Network for a GCV price of $314,159, or exchanging 20 kilograms of gold for Pi. This is truly fantastic! If you were in their shoes, would you want to make the exchange? Let’s find out the truth together at Pi Shopping.

In China, people are rushing to exchange 1 Pi for $314,159 USD and exchange Pi for brand-new cars at a 100% rate. On the morning of April 29th, Pioneers in Shanghai, China, took their cars to exchange for Pi. According to the video, the agreed value of the currency (GCV) was $314,159 USD.

The video shows many cars adorned with banners and Pi Network logos. More notably, many car owners held signs stating that 1 Pi equals $314,159 USD. One man even brought Pi coins to a shop to exchange for 20 kilograms of gold.

Recently, on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, a video circulated of a man bringing Pi coins to a famous gold shop in Taipei to exchange for 20kg of gold. The video has been widely shared.

The Pi Network community is overjoyed with this event. If you are in these two locations, please come and confirm. If necessary, use your Pi to exchange for cars or gold. I am sure you will be proud after using Pi to make such exchanges.

View videos clips https://www.facebook.com/pishopnow1

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