Pi network: Countries where you can use Pi to exchange for many products

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The Pi Network brings us many exciting opportunities, especially in the field of goods exchange. Here are some countries where product and service exchanges using Pi Network are notable

  1. Indonesia The Pi Network has developed very strongly in Indonesia, and this country is among the top in the world for exchanging goods for Pi coins. There have been instances where they used their cars to exchange for 0.04 Pi. This was noted by the Pi core team on Twitter. Many other items such as cakes, food, and phones are also exchanged for Pi.
  2. South Korea South Korea also has a large number of participants mining Pi Network. Many food service stores in the country accept Pi as a means of payment.
  3. Nigeria The Pi Network community here is quite strong. Most exchanges of products and services for Pi coins involve food items such as rice, corn, potatoes, cassava, phones, and speakers, with a consensus value of GCV 314,159 USD.
  4. China China is famous for its cryptocurrency mining. With the advent of Pi Network, they are keen to acquire as much Pi as possible, and exchanging goods for Pi is no exception. They have even exchanged gold and cars for Pi coins at a GCV of 314,159 USD.
  5. India India is a particularly noteworthy country with a large number of Pioneers. They are ready to exchange goods for Pi coins, mainly phones, food, and other essential items.

There are many more Pi shopping mall in almost all countries, and we will cover them in future updates. Thank you for your attention.

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