T-shirt loryz Women’s

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T-shirt loryz Women’s

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22 in stock

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A new pattern of horizontal t-shirts at T-shirt loryz Women is designed in a fresh, innovative way at the sleeves: one long sleeve discreetly, one side closes the armpits with an impressive and unique bow tie. young and beautiful, beautiful and attractive.

Women’s T-shirt with horizontal stripes, but without causing discomfort, wearing this T-shirt is extremely comfortable thanks to the borip elastic material with good elasticity, sweat absorption, bringing a pleasant feeling to the wearer.

With a trendy female t-shirt like this, she can easily mix it with shorts/long pants or skirts. Women’s T-shirt ASM10-27 has 2 colors for her to choose. Don’t forget to mix a few accessories to make the overall look better than hers!

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