The Mercedes car store has accepted Pi to pay and buy cars with Pi coin

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A lot of stores accept 100% Pi payments for their products.

Below are some stores and services that have been approved by Pi oneer to exchange Pi
Exchange a new car to get Pi coin

An auto shop offers to sell its products in exchange for 100% Pi. You can watch the video below. The consensus value is very high.

Luxury car stores accept 100% Pi to use their services: In Korea

This information is all posted on Twitter
As follows:
Service costs for the Mercedes GLA200d, including premium water-based polishing, premium graphene coating, hydrophobic coating of all glass, interior cleaning, engine room care and tire care, are converted into dollars. shout as follows:

– Design and repair costs calculated in cash: about $747
Total payment by 3Pi,
with the value of 1 Pi being about $152.17

And there are many stores that accept Pi for payment such as phone accessories in Vietnam, high-end restaurants in Korea.

Source: Pi network news and Crypto news

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