The truth has been revealed: Nicolas wants Pi to open its mainnet in 2024

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Nicolas expects to Open mainnet in 2024. Hello, the Pi Network community! As promised by the Pi Core Team, a significant announcement regarding the entire V2 map was made in the final days of this year. The results of the roadmap align with our previous analyses in videos, presenting no major surprises in this version. However, it clearly reflects the expectations set by Nicolas and the Pi Network Core Team for the project in 2024.

This is crucial information for those who are currently or have been involved in mining Pi coin. In this Post, we invite Pi pioneers to analyze in more detail the announcements before the V2 roadmap is unveiled, preparing for a spectacular 2024 that the Pi Core Team is aiming for.
In their announcement, the Pi Core Team plans to transition to the Open mainnet in 2024. There is no specific timeline for this event, and it depends on the collective efforts of the Pi pioneers, the development team, and the Pi Core Team. Of course, there are external factors beyond our control. The three conditions set by the Pi Core Team are:
Completion of all preparations for the open network concerning technological, business, and legal aspects, following the consistent strategies of the Pi Core Team. Most technical and product milestones are listed in various V2 projects, except for some in business and legal areas due to security reasons.
Achieving goals related to Know Your Customer (KYC), moving Pi coin and creating utility for the ecosystem. Specific targets include KYC and moving Pi coin for 15 million Pi pioneers, with a substantial number already KYC-approved. Practical utility for the ecosystem involves having 100 Pi Network applications either on the mainnet or ready for the mainnet.

Favorable external environmental conditions that do not impede the network’s success

In conclusion, the Pi Core Team expects the Open mainnet to be fully operational in 2024 if these conditions are met. However, if not, it may be postponed to ensure a smoother transition for all Pi pioneers.
Despite global events affecting crypto, the Pi Team cannot control external circumstances but can control the launch of Open mainnet, ensuring it doesn’t jeopardize the community’s dedication and hard work. The timing of the open network will consider global factors beyond the Pi Core Team’s control, such as economic crises, legal developments, unfavorable crypto industry regulations, pandemics, wars, or any unforeseeable external factors.
In summary, these three conditions will determine the Open mainnet timeline, with the Pi Core Team’s focused efforts and no unfavorable external factors beyond their control. The Pi Core Team anticipates the network will transition to Open mainnet entirely in 2024. If these conditions are not met, the Open mainnet launch may be delayed to ensure a successful conversion process for all Pi pioneers.
This covers the key information from the recently released announcement, marking an important milestone for the V2 roadmap and the expectations Pi Network is embracing in 2024. If you have any thoughts on the V2 roadmap announcement, feel free to leave your comments below for discussion with fellow Pi pioneers. If you found this video helpful, please subscribe, like, share, and help spread the message to the community, providing everyone with more insights into the Pi Network project. We look forward to seeing you in future posts!

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